WordPress is a fantastic tool and is especially useful for when you need a website with a blog or eCommerce integration. It’s also a great way to manage your content and gives you a wide array of plugins for you to choose from. When it comes to Content Management Systems, I honestly don’t think there is a better option out there. With all that said, sometimes the platform can be a bit overkill for certain websites, especially if your main purpose is to just serve informational content. On the flip side, it may be too limiting in what it does and may not fit the bill especially if you need a web application or website with high customization. While the majority of the time it may be the right tool for the job, let’s do something a little different. Let’s see why WordPress might NOT be the right platform to use.

Website customization

Reason # 1: You require a website that needs to be highly customized

One good reason why WordPress might not be the platform of choice, or any other CMS for that matter, is that you require a website to be done that needs to be very, very specific with it’s design layout. While WordPress does give you a lot of options with regards to customizing, it will still never compare to directly coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A website built from scratch gives you the finest level of control over where elements are placed, how your HTML is formatted, and the ability to drill down as far as you want with CSS and style it your way. If you have complete control over the code, more than likely your website will be far more consistent from a design perspective as well since you are not grabbing plugins from a bunch of different sources and stitching things together.

eCommerce website Shopify

Reason #2: You want eCommerce but with zero headache

On the flip side, let’s say you don’t need something to be very configurable BUT you do want an eCommerce store. While WordPress has WooCommerce and it is an amazing tool for building eCommerce websites, perhaps you don’t have the budget for someone to build you a fully fledged eCommerce website. Perhaps you just want a nice modern design and plug your products and services in walking you through it every step of the way. In that case, Shopify may be a better choice for you.

Free hosting

Reason #3: Free Hosting

A lot of my clients don’t know this, but it is possible to build a website for yourself without having to worry about hosting whatsoever. This can be done using one of the developer platforms out there that will host/service static content for you at no additional charge. In order to do this however, you will need to have some coding chops and know your way around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At our business we use a relatively new but rising technology called static website generation which allows you to reuse code and more efficiently serve static content. This results in an extremely performant website with attractive, highly configurable designs. It is worth noting again that this is for static content. So if you need a blog or eCommerce functionality you’d definitely want to go with a CMS such as WordPress.

Web application

Reason #4: You need a web application

Last but not least, one of the most important reasons why you’d want to go custom, is if you are building a fully fledged web application. Think a website where you have interactive creating, reading, updating, and deleting. One that communicates with an API and is very data driven. One that connects with a database in the backend and manages a ton of information. In this case, there is no argument here. You HAVE to build a custom web application. Especially if your web app has a ton of specific business logic. An example of this would be something like Facebook, Twitter, or web portal built specifically to help manage a niche business.


There are a ton of options out there and a plethora of things to consider when building a website. Hopefully this helps narrow down for you which is the right decision for you. We realize it is a lot to think about! Well, don’t stress because at Lorenzana Web Design we’ll help you make the decision that works best for your business and future plans. Visit us today for a free analysis of your website or a free estimate: