At Lorenzana Web Design, we provide a wide array of San Antonio development services to our clients. Here are just some of the most popular services we offer for San Antonio based companies:

Website Design

Our primary specialty is website design which includes WordPress designs, custom website design, and eCommerce websites. There are a lot of options out there for designing a website and depending on your business need certain packages make more sense and provide the best amount of value for you. Rest assured, every step of the way we will help guide you on finding the right package for you at tailored price that the most sense. All of our websites are responsive and mobile friendly. This means that no matter what device you are viewing your website on, it will look great and perform great! We follow all the best practices and modern trends to help you stand out from the pack and attract your audience. Check out our Web Design Process to learn more.

Web Hosting

Having a beautiful and responsive website is great! Although without web hosting, it won’t be publicly viewable for your customers to see and share with others. That’s why we also help our clients setup their web hosting, domain name configuration, and more! Configuring your DNS settings, redirecting, SSL encryption, and everything surrounding hosting can be very complicated. Leave that matter to use and we’ll ensure that it gets done the right way. We also offer a special plan which requires no hosting cost to you if you decide to use a static website (information website)! If your company fits that requirement, that could potentially save you $500+ a year.

Search Engine Optimization

Another popular service we offer is Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. You may have seen this acronym thrown around a lot! Well we’re here to help explain. SEO is the process of optimizing your website and company to be found by popular search engines, especially Google. It is a constantly evolving process that helps make your website:

  • Crawlable (Easily read by Google)
  • Trustworthy
  • Optimized for your keywords

The main thing to get out of it is that it will help improve your rankings within Google so that whenever somebody searches “plumber near me” your result will be easier to find. Finally, within this same service we offer Local SEO. I bet you can guess what that is! It involved optimizing your website to be searchable locally. You may have noticed how when you search for something in Google, like “find restaurants near me”, it will show results that are closest to you. Local SEO helps bring your local business in the eyes of the user easier.

We hope that this was helpful for you and gives you a better understanding of what we can offer! Feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions or would like a quote on any of the above services. You can reach us at: .