San Antonio Web Design Process

We're with you every step

Our website design process is rock solid and proven. We'll get you up and running in four easy steps.

1. Initial Planning

The first step is to get to know each other! We'll learn more about your business, your intended audience, and websites in your industry that inspire you. This is also the phase where we figure out which package works out best for your business, web hosting of choice, and whether you'd like to use an existing domain or new.

2. Initial Design

The next important step in the process is the beginning of your website's construction! This is where we'll ask you for the text you'd like to use, the images, and the overall layout you are looking for. We'll also narrow down the top websites in your industry that inspire you the most. The initial design will give you an idea for the main pieces of the page will be laid out and allow you to make the more involved changes upfront before implementing the pictures and text provided.

3. Your Feedback

Now we'll make sure the design is to your liking. After the initial design is approved, we'll begin working on including the assets you provided us and construct your website using WordPress or a custom website design depending on your needs from the first meeting. After we believe we have the bulk of the work complete, we'll provide you with a preview URL to interact and use the webpage in real-time and provide any feedback for small changes.

4. Deployment

Time to go live! Once the final design is approved, and small adjustments are made, we'll go ahead and deploy your website to your very own domain and hosting provider. If you are part of our website maintenance plan, the hosting is part of the monthly cost. We'll also make sure that your website is secure with HTTPS encryption. During this time, we'll also help you set up your Google My Business and include Google Analytics to track your website performance. Finally, we'll review our other services, such as website maintenance or SEO.