I’m sure if you are a business owner looking to have a website built, the question has come to your mind. You see everywhere on the internet that WordPress is the way to go, and make sure your web designer knows WordPress! But why is that? We’re going to look further into the reasons why your company should strongly consider WordPress. We’ll also briefly go over why you may NOT want to use WordPress. Let’s take a look.

Why WordPress

Widespread Support

WordPress is a great choice because it has the largest community globally and is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) available. This means that if you run into any issues or have questions on how something works, you’ll be able to get help on that much quicker. As a business owner, this doesn’t directly affect you, but it has a huge impact indirectly. If you hire someone to build a website in WordPress, that web developer will have a much easier time and will be able to work more effectively if they have the resources available to them. The result is faster website construction, quicker turnaround, and often better security.

WordPress website blogging

You Require A Blog or Regular News

This is where WordPress shines. Since its inception, WordPress has always been one of the best ways to host a blog alongside your website. Having a blog allows you to better connect with your readers or customers. It allows you to share updates from your company, announce promotions, and more! Not to mention having a regularly updated site with useful information is extremely important for SEO!

Manage assets with WordPress

Manage Your Assets Easier

Another excellent reason to choose WordPress is that it has a very strong and proven Content Management System. A Content Management System, or CMS, allows you to have better control and organization of your assets (pictures, videos, etc.). WordPress has been around for 17 years and since its inception has had a CMS and Blog functionality built-in. That is a lot of time to perfect its system and make a productive environment for the client and developer.

Built-in SEO Optimization

Built-in SEO Optimization

WordPress is built to take advantage of many SEO related optimizations without even thinking about it. By default it has great page structure, provides technical on-page SEO automatically, and generates important files to make the website more crawlable by Google. Now, this doesn’t mean every WordPress website out there is built perfectly for SEO. But it does handle many little things that one could forget to add if they were building a website from scratch. That allows you to focus more on other SEO tasks such as keyword optimization, local SEO, and more.


These are just some of the more common reasons why WordPress could be a great fit your company’s website. If you require a solid content management system or blog, WordPress is a no brainer. However, there are reasons why it may not be right for you too. At the end of the day, it depends on your company’s specific needs. If you are curious on the reasons why it may NOT be right for you, read our other blog post here:

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